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Krazy For Softball: Feb 20-21 (Mens E & COED)
USA SOFTBALL Helping Hands: March 6 (Mens C/Below & Womens Super Draft)
Helping Hands: Sunday March 7 (COED)
Winnemucca Massacre Boys N Girls Club of W: March 19-21 (Mens & COED)​
Down & Dirty Triple Elim: April 3-4 (Mens Open & Mens E & COED)

USA Softball of Nevada State: April 10-11 (Mens D & Mens E & COED)

Down & Dirty in the Mucc Boys n Girls Club of W: April 16-18 (Mens Open & E & COED)​
Larry E James Icebreaker ELKO: April 30- May 2 (Mens & Womens)
EAS Stephanies' Series Leg 1

No Crying in Softball: May 15-16 (Mens E & COED)

Boys n Girls Club of Winnemucca: May 21-23 (Mens & Womens & COED)
EAS Stephanies' Series Leg 2

USA SOFTBALL Softball Hoedown: Sat June 19 (Mens E & COED)
Softball Hoedown: Sunday June 20 (Womens)

USA Softball of Nevada: July 7-8 (Mens E & COED)

All Night Armpit Challenge BM: July 23-25 (Mens E & COED)
EAS Stephanies' Series Leg 3​

Summer Blast Triple Elim: July 31- August 1 (Mens E & COED)

Dog Daze of Summer ELKO: August 13-15 (Mens & COED)
EAS Stephanies Series Leg 4

Summer Slammer: August 14-15 (Mens E & COED)

Not the 44 Hour Winnemucca: August 27-29 (Mens & Womens & COED)
Stephanies' Batting Away Domestic Violence: Sept 10-12 (Mens & Women & COED)
EAS Stephanies' Series Final Leg​

USA SOFTBALL September Showdown: September 18-19 (Mens E & COED)

Door Slammer Boys & Girls Club of W: Sept 24-26 (Mens & Womens & COED)​
USA SOFTBALL Toys 4 Toys: Sat Oct 2 (Mens C/BELOW & WOMENS)
Toys 4 Toys: Sunday Oct 3 (COED)

Blood N Guts: Oct 9-10 (Mens E & COED)
Blood N Guts: Oct 16-17 (Mens D & Mens E & COED)
Blood N Guts: Oct 23-24 (Mens Woodbat & Womens)

USA SOFTBALL Player Aprreciation: Nov 6-7 (Mens & COED)

***Stephanies' Series is a point system for credit towards Blood n Guts entries and is a joint effort with EAS, Justice for Stephanie, and Battle Born Media Networks to spread Domestic Violence Awareness across the State and Beyond!