USA Softball of Nevada                                                                                                                     February 4th  

VALENTINE MASSACRE - Mens/Coed                                                                           February 11th & 12th

This and That                                                                                                                        February 25th & 26th

HELPING HANDS - Mens C/D, Mens E & Coed                                                                  March 11th & 12th

DOWN-N-DIRTY (Triple Elim) - Mens C/D, Mens E & Coed                                                      April 8th & 9th

USA Softball of Nevada                                                                                                            April 22nd & 23rd

USA Softball of Nevada                                                                                                                           May 13th

NO CRYING IN SOFTBALL - Mens D, Mens E & Coed                                                         May 20th & 21st

USA Softball of Nevada STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS - Mens D, E & Coed                          June 18th & 19th

USA Softball of Nevada SOFTBALL HOEDOWN - Mens E, & Coed                                  June 24th & 25th

SUMMER BLAST (Triple Elim) - Mens D, Mens E & Coed                                                    August 5th & 6th

USA Softball of Nevada - Mens & Coed                                                                               August 12th & 13th

SUMMER SLAMMER - Mens D, Mens E & Coed                                                              August 19th & 20th

29th ANNUAL BALLOON RACE - Mens D & Below & Coed                                       September 9th & 10th

27th ANNUAL TOYS-4-TOTS - Mens D & Below & Coed                                           September 23rd & 24th

USA Softball of Nevada Breast Cancer - Mens D & Below & Coed              September 30th & October 1st

BLOOD-N-GUTS - COED                                                                                                     October 14th & 15th

BLOOD-N-GUTS Over Flow - Mens D & Below and Coed                                             October 21st & 22nd

BLOOD-N-GUTS - Womens/ Men's Wood bat / Latino                                                     October 28th & 29th

This and That                                                                                                                          November 4th & 5th                                               


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